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Blogs bloom on USA-Irish site

Ever since the time of the ancient Irish storytellers (Bards) the Irish have enjoyed and perfected the art of story telling. We have been described as ‘the greatest talkers since the Greeks’ and whether in the oral tradition or as the written word the ability to tell a tale or spin a yarn is all part of a cherished Irish heritage.

Short snappy prose that can be humorous or poignant, rousing or sad is an art form many Irish writers have perfected. Even authors of monumental works like James Joyce have excelled in the shorter form as have Liam O’Flaherty and Frank O’Connor. Nor has the short story been kept as the preserve of male writers. When it comes to short vivid pieces that can leave one dwelling on them for days afterwards, female writers from Mary Lavin to Edna O’Brien can hold their place with pride in the ranks of literature.

Now a USA based blog site The New Wild Geese is providing a platform for the scattered Irish Diaspora to write about themselves and their experiences throughout the world. Their mission: “to explore, promote, preserve and celebrate the epic heritage of the Irish worldwide”. CEO and founder of the site, Gerry Regan says, “All Irish people and those of Irish extraction are welcome to become members and contribute their blog posts and comments to the site. We do not apply a political litmus test to select a membership. We coalesce precisely because we focus on what we share, rather than our differences”.

As a result of this broad embrace contributors as diverse as Malachy McCourt and ex Taoiseach John Bruton may be given space in the blog’s newsletter pages. With over 2000 members and more than 25000 visits a month the site provides a platform that connects Irish people and friends of Ireland to their heritage and culture throughout the world. But it is not specifically simply just a writer’s site that allows discussion and debate. This virtual community is not only supported by the written word but also by photos and video clips with music and song that can all be found in an exciting kaleidoscope of features and articles.

With a growing and interactive membership from “wherever green is worn” the future of The New Wild Geese is assured. May ten thousand blogs bloom.
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