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No Nervous Lady

(Resilience and heartache in the Australian bush)

Based on a true story this little book in the genre of creative non-fiction has just been released by Victorian writer Jann Maree.

No Nervous Lady is more than the story of a young couple who try to solve their marriage problems by embarking on a tree change. It is also the personal story of a young woman who is committed to the survival of her family and her relationship with the man she loved.

Set during a time of social and political change. The aftermath of the Vietnam War. A rising wave of new feminism. A growing conservation movement. This is the tale of a woman who is caught in an uncertain marriage during a time of tumultuous change in society. Here is a woman who was influenced by the ideas of the feminist movement. Of pioneering stock, she chose to test her temperament when confronted by the challenges of bush living.

Told against the backdrop of building a mud-walled home with the earth and timber from their land. She has hopes that their daily hard-working life and their efforts to be self-sufficient will re-bond them and provide new zest to their marriage. But is it ever that easy?

 Such a journey; physically and emotionally! But through it all, her resilience and optimism shine through. No tale of woe here, but a story that will inspire and have you cheering at the end.

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