Voices of the Dispossessed

The writers, Alan O’Brien and Patrick Ferris, that brought us the stage play “From the Backbone Out” and the radio play “Snow Falls and So Do We” have joined with Dave Blackwell and Berni Dwan to produce a new radio play, “Alarm Bells” that depicts the plight of the homeless throughout Ireland.

“Alarm Bells is a radio play written and produced by the Green Ember Arts collective. It portrays the escalating housing crisis through an anthology of short scenes in which a small fraction of those most affected by homelessness is represented. Alarm Bells examines the reality of the housing crisis and the contrast of a dominant media narrative of economic recovery. Ireland now has over 100,000 people on public housing lists and over 10,000 homeless”.

With a cast of more than twenty actors and music by Thomas McCarthy, the play goes to air at 6pm gmt on Tuesday 14th December 2021. Made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, with the television licence fee, it can be heard online from here: Listen Online – Near fm 90.3

After Tuesday, it will be available on their website’s “listen again” option, but it will also be going on  Soundcloud.

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