Picture No. 1Born in Ireland, J. A. O’Brien has lived most of his life in Australia. He started his working life as a bricklayer and has worked at that trade in Ireland and Britain and for a short period in Australia. His passion for writing gained him tertiary qualifications in professional writing and journalism. He has had freelance material published in newspapers and has for many years been a part-time contributor and consulting editor to community magazines and newspapers. He has edited manuals on aged care and copywriting and is also a published short story writer.
He has lived and worked in several parts of Australia and as an owner builder has designed and built two homes using passive solar techniques.His interests include the environment, walking and politics and he also enjoys reading, theatre, movies and listening to ABC programs like Radio National. A keen student of Irish history, he was co-author of an audio tape on the Easter Rising of 1916 some years ago that sold in several English speaking countries.
He is now retired and lives in Victoria, Australia, with his wife Janet, where he continues to write at least a few hundred words each day.

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